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  1. Why use our photo booth versus any other photo booth? What's the difference?

    • Most automated, self-service style booths are exactly what they are.  There's a touch screen that you use to activate the system, it counts down and takes a photo.  Then there is a countdown to the next photo, and it takes it.  It typically takes 3 photos, and then it gives you options on how you want to print or receive the photos digitally.  Some booths use iPads as the camera, while others will use a DSLR.  A booth operator is usually present to ensure the booth continues to operate properly.

    • Our photo-shoot style booth is exactly that.  We have a photographer that takes your photos much like a photo shoot, so as a guest, you get that experience.  There is no countdown, the photographer controls that - so if you want to change props, retake a photo, add more people into the shot, we can accommodate all of that easily.  The photographer can zoom in and zoom out, creating different kinds of photos, and our software allows us to print copies immediately, in the same fashion the automated booths do.

  2. What are the sizes of the prints?

    • Our booths can do the typical 2x6 photo strips, or 4x6 prints.

  3. How many photos can I do per print?

    • Standard is 3 photos on both size templates.  You can do 4 on the 4x6, we don't recommend 4 on the 2x6.  Keep in mind, the more photos you add to the prints, the smaller the faces become that are in the photos.  Especially if you are taking group photos.

  4. How do I get to customize the print template?

    • Your photographer/booth technician will work with you on customizing your template.

  5. Do I get a print of the photo?

    • Yes, you will receive a print.

  6. How many photos are we allowed to receive?

    • We will provide copies to everyone involved in the photo.

  7. Do you provide any props?

    • Yes, your photographer/booth technician will provide assorted props.

  8. Are we able to choose what kind of props we want?

    • Our props are typical - signs, hats, and glasses.  Some techs have more props than others and will bring more.  You are always welcome to work with your photographer/booth tech on props.

  9. Can I bring my own props?

    • Yes, we welcome that.

  10. What options do I have for backdrops?

    • All of our backdrops are sequins: Gold Sequin, Rose Gold Sequin, Champagne Sequin and Silver Sequin.

  11. Can I bring my own backdrop?

    • Yes, you can bring your own backdrop provided you also bring a backdrop stand for it.

  12. If I bring my own backdrop, what size should it be?

    • If you are bringing your own backdrop, it should be at least 10 feet wide, by 8 feet tall.

  13. Can I hang a neon sign on your backdrop?

    • Yes, we have had clients do that.  You will have to provide something to hang the sign with.

  14. Do I get digital copies of all the photos?

    • Yes, digital copies are provided.

  15. How will the digital copies be provided?

    • Your photographer/booth tech will either provide you with a thumb drive that contains all of the photos, or they will give you access to an online gallery where you are able to download the photos.

  16. Do you do photo guest books?

    • Yes, but you have to provide the supplies (i.e. guest book that your guests can put photos in, pens for guests to write a message), and we will make sure to remind your guests about it after every photo.

  17. Do you do black & white prints?

    • Yes, we can do black & white prints.

  18. Is projecting the images on the wall an extra charge?

    • No, there is no extra charge

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