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Aldwin Estoesta
DJ Ace

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Aldwin is the veteran of the crew.  His DJ career started when he was a sophomore back in high school.  Watching a group of friends DJ during a lunch rally started his curiosity.  He was soon invited by another group of friends at the same high school to join their crew, Rhythms 2 Dance 2 (R2D2).  For several years, R2D2 went on to do various small gigs here and there – while his passion for music grew.


It wasn’t until he partnered up with a long time friend to co-found DownLow Productions, where he was able to take what he previously learned, and expand on it.  With the addition of a few close friends with the same interests, this new crew was able to perform at numerous school dances, corporate events, car shows, birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings almost every weekend for over a decade.  During this time, he was also invited to work with several promoters to spin at different night clubs from San Jose to San Francisco.  The experience of DJing at a club versus a mobile gig not only taught him new things, but also helped him expand his knowledge of music.


Around 2006-2007, Aldwin was reunited with his cousin, who was also a DJ, and their new collaboration was instrumental in refocusing their new mobile DJ strategy.  They launched DownLow DJs Mobile with a 3rd generation of DJ’s and trained them with a skillset specifically for mobile DJ gigs.


With the experiences of DJing for the club scene as well as corporate, school and private events for over 20 years and counting — as a “Wedding DJ”, DJ ACE has the unique style of being able to meld and mesh music from all different formats to ensure that your guests enjoy themselves regardless of age.


Aldwin covers all of Northern California.

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