Simplicio Alcantara Jr.


Born and raised in the Bay Area of Northern California, Jr started to DJ at the young age of 13. His inspiration came from his older brother, who had told him that if he loved music, he should try DJing. Jr’s mom bought him his first pair of turntables, and that’s where it all began. Jr started a DJ group called Sound Beyond Imaginations (SBI) with some neighborhood friends where they were able to do a few small gigs here and there. 

Once he got to high school, SBI started to get recognized, and soon began to DJ a lot of the high school dances in the San Jose area.After high school, Jr hooked up with long time friend, Aldwin (DJ ACE), where they co-founded a new DJ group called DownLow Productions. From there, this new DJ crew did gigs every week ranging from school dances, corporate parties, and eventually – clubs.In 2000, Jr landed a spot as a DJ on the radio in Monterey, CA (102.5 KDON). His mixes were part of a mix show that aired every Friday and Saturday night for over 6 years. At the same time, he began to DJ at clubs throughout the Bay Area, as well as a few clubs in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas. When he stopped with the radio gig, he went back to doing mobile and club gigs.Today, you can find DJ J Alcantar in various clubs, where his passion for music is on full display for everyone to enjoy.