Richard Diaz


Richard always had a strong interest in music.  As a kid, he would always be playing music in his room, before his soccer games to get him hyped up, and during his vacations – when he would be the car DJ playing Mexican music for his family while driving down to Mexico.  After high school, he got a job as an afterschool coordinator working with kids. Richard was always able to find a way to incorporate music into every activity he would do with his kids.

It wasn’t until his boss introduced him to her husband, Mike Webber (DJ Webspin), where he learned about Djing.  Webspin offered to teach Richard the ins and outs of Djing, and started to bring him to his events as an assistant.  A few months later, Webspin introduced Richard to the rest of his DJ crew, where Richard was able to assist the other members and gain more knowledge and increase his mixing skillset. Fast forward several years, with the training that Richard received, he is now able to book and play music at his own gigs.  Richard covers the entire Bay Area and south to Monterey.