Mike Wong



Mike first became interested in music around 14 years old when he was a “rink rat” at Cal Skate.  One of his friends worked as the rink programmer and always had a lot of music that he would play.  Mike would often find himself asking his friend what the last song was that he had played.  Learning the tracks and artists behind these songs eventually led to Mike starting on collecting his own music.  

Mike had some early experiences where he would entertain friends by playing different formats of music, but it wasn’t until he met then co-workers Aldwin (DJ ACE), and Mike Webber (DJ Webspin) in 2005 where his interest in music began to peak.


Aldwin was already an established DJ, and Mike had mentioned his interest in learning the craft, so he started to go help out at all the different gigs Aldwin had – from weddings, to corporate events, to school dances and even private parties.  As an assistant, Mike was able to learn the ins and outs of mobile gigs, particularly planning the music for weddings.  He was able to improve on his skills and technique on playing music and mixing, as well as getting very comfortable speaking on the microphone to large crowds.  Mike was such a quick study that he took his experiences, and for the last few years now, has been able to successfully book and perform at his own gigs.

Mike covers all of Northern California.