Mike Webber


Mike has always had a love for music.  Starting from when he could remember, he would always have music playing.  From playing 45′s of his favorite music as a kid, to spending his last dollar on the newest cassettes.  It wasn’t until when Mike moved in with a roommate in 2002, where his roommate had turntables setup in the living room; he never truly thought of becoming a DJ.

About 2 months after moving in, Mike found a local record shop and bought his first couple of records.  He brought them home and never looked back. After playing around for a couple of months, Mike hooked up with his co-worker Aldwin (DJ ACE), and started getting tips on how to perfect his technique. In about 6 months, Mike got his first rotating DJ gig at Johnny V’s in downtown San Jose.  From there, Mike took off and started getting more gigs at clubs and eventually worked on mostly mobile events.

Mike covers most of the South Bay Area, including Morgan Hill, Gilroy and South San Jose.